14 Team Redraft PPR League Mock Draft

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

I’m a Co-Owner in a 14 Team Redraft League coming up this season on the Sleeper app. Anyone who hasn’t utilized this application is missing out. The league setup is a PPR, with a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex (W/R/T, Q), 1 Defense, 6 Bench, and 3 IR spots. So, its basically a 2 QB League. 6 teams make the playoffs, while the other 8 are competing in the prestigious toilet bowl. For those of you in a 14 team redraft league, I will try to outline my strategy for you and provide two different options as we navigate this together. The question you want to ask yourself if you are at the top of the draft is do you take Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes and wait on running backs. A second option would be for taking the top running back on the board and passing on a QB for now (Nice pun right). For this article, I’ll draft from position #4 and position #12 so you can get two different perspectives on the draft.

Pick #4 Overall Draft:

1.4. RB, Alvin Kamara, NO: Barkley, Mahomes, and CMC went with the first three selections. Lamar was available, but I felt like I had to grab one of the elite backs here.

2.11. WR, Kenny Golladay, DET: With a lot of top backs off the board, I felt like Golladay was the pick here over other tight end options including Kelce and Kittle. Golladay should be a prime time performer in 2020 with a healthy Matt Stafford coming back.


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3.4. RB, Melvin Gordon, DEN: I did not feel comfortable allowing a lot of running backs to come off the board. You have to put a premium on the running back position with your top 5 picks because the drop off is immense. Hoping Gordon has a bounce back year in Denver.

4.11. WR, DJ Chark Jr., JAX: I’m betting on the high upside of Chark Jr. this season. Chark is an emerging receiver option in the Jaguars offense. I am very high on Chark this year and believe he has the potential to be a steal at this point in the draft.


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5.4. RB, Todd Gurley, ATL: It’s hard to believe the fall that is Todd Gurley. He was a sure fire top 3 pick in fantasy drafts not too long ago. I took him here in the 5th round because he has the potential of an RB 1 if healthy. Still no QB, so I’m a little nervous to see who’s available on the back end.

6.11. QB, Kirk Cousins, MIN: The wait for a quarterback has Cousins coming to my team in the sixth round. You are going to have to make a decision on this position. In this particular draft, I valued the running back position more than a QB. Hoping Cousins has another good season.

7.4. WR, Marquise Brown, BAL: Selecting Brown here in the 7th round makes me ecstatic. He has the biggest boom-bust potential at his position in my opinion because of the way Baltimore’s offense works. However, he has big play written all over him. As my WR #3, I love it.

8.11. RB, Raheem Mostert, SF: I really considered Ben Roethlisberger here, but couldn’t pass up on Mostert at this point of the draft. I feel like my running back position is solidified by this pick.


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9.4. TE, Noah Fant, DEN: Getting Fant or Hockensen in the 9th round is an option for you if you want to wait on the tight end positon. I went with Fant here because of his progression in his rookie season. The Broncos offense is in great shape (never thought I’d say that again) and Fant played well with poor QB play most of the season.

10.11. QB, Cam Newton, NE: I get my second quarterback in the 10th round. It’s definitely a huge risk having Newton as your second option, but let’s not forget about his talent. Provided he can stay healthy, getting Newton this late is excellent value.

11.4. WR, Diontae Johnson, PIT: A player who may get a huge boost by the return of Ben Roethlisberger is Johnson. The 10th-12th round is the target range for him and could be a potential breakout candidate this season. Still need to grab another QB here soon.

Diontae Johnson

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12.11. QB, Sam Darnold, NYJ: Darnold comes in as my third quarterback on the roster and I feel that he could really hit his stride this season. This gives me flexibility in case Newton or Cousins get injured/stink.

13.4. Baltimore Ravens Defense: I didn’t feel crazy about anyone in this position, so I took the Ravens Defense so I could focus on other positions with my last three picks. There is never a good time to take a defense, but a weight is lifted so I can grab a couple position players now.

14.11. WR, Corey Davis, TEN: The emergence of A.J. Brown allows Davis to get more touches this season. I do believe Tennessee will air the ball out more this season. Davis is a good WR #5.

15.4. RB, Boston Scott, PHI: Josh Kelley was taken right before my pick, so I went with Scott as my RB #5. Scott has a chance to get some touches, but at this point in the draft, he’s more likely to be a fill-in bench guy.

16.11.  QB, Tua Tagovailoa, MIA: Drafting Tua to give me 4 Quarterbacks is a move that I’m hoping will pay off at the end of the season. If Tua is good, this is an absolute steal this season. Obvoously, in dynasty leagues he will not be available here. He’s a good 4th option and could also be used as trade bait later on in the year.

Position #12 Overall Draft:

1.12. RB, Nick Chubb, CLE: Chubb had an unbelievable season last year. It’s going to be tough to have those kind of numbers again, but in a run heavy offense , the production should be there again.


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2.3. WR, Julio Jones, ATL: This pick speaks for itself. Jones is a WR #1 and we grab him in the second round. I believe a solid running back will come back around to me later.

3.12. RB, Kenyan Drake, ARI: My potential breakout running back falls to me in the 3rd round. Drake has pass catching and running ability which should fit nicely in this PPR league format.

4.3. WR, Courtland Sutton, DEN: Sutton was too hard to pass up on at this position in the 4th round. The chemistry he displayed with Drew Lock last season has me excited about his potential in 2020. I’m really happy with my team so far.


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5.12. RB, James Conner, PIT: Taking the same route as I did before, I’m loading up on running backs in the first 5 picks. I could be making huge mistake waiting on a QB again, but I just value the RB position more. Conner is back to his old self with Big Ben.

6.3. QB, Jared Goff, LAR: It was so hard to pass up on AJ Green right here, but I felt like I needed a QB more. I’m holding out hope that Smith-Schuster or Parker fall to my next pick.

7.12. WR, Juju Smith-Schuster, PIT: Thrilled about getting Smith-Schuster at this point. I do have two Steelers, but the offense is bound to get back to the top 10 range if Ben can perform even adequately.

8.3. QB, Ryan Tannehill, TEN: Tannehill is my number two quarterback and I feel pretty good about that. He is not going to light up the board every week, but he is a consistent veteran presence that is needed in a redraft league. This allows me to target a young guy later.


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9.12. TE, Noah Fant, DEN: I get Fant again 8 picks later in this position. Thrilled.

10.3. WR, Marvin Jones Jr., DET: Marvin Jones should benefit from Stafford being back more than any receiver in the Lions offense. Jones and Stafford have shown a nice chemistry together and should be a solid flex option for you.

11.12. QB, Cam Newton, NE: Grabbing Newton here to give me three veteran options for this season. I feel extremely comfortable with my quarterback position with 5 picks remaining.

12.3. RB, D’Andre Swift, DET: Swift should share carries with Johnson this season, but could emerge as the number one option. The current pandemic situation may have him off to a slow start, but come playoff time, this could be a great addition to your team.


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13.12. WR, DeSean Jackson, PHI: I still think he’s got some play left in him. In a redraft, Jackson could be a great flex receiver. He always has the boom/bust potential every week, but he is a nice guy to have on your bench.

14.3. RB, Justin Jackson, LAC: Ekeler is the number one back on the Chargers, but Jackson could benefit from Gordon’s departure. A nice flex option at the running back position at this point in the draft.

15.12. Kansas City Chiefs Defense: Mahomes and company will have the ball a lot. The Chiefs defense should be fresh all season.

16.3. WR, Larry Fitzgerald, ARI: Yes, I have 6 guys with a bye week of 8. That may come back to bit me. Fitzgerald is a great option in the late rounds of a redraft league. The addition of Hopkins and Fitzgerald’s ability to perform at a high level even at his age makes this pick worth it.

Let me know which team is better and also if I am an idiot. Did I wait on QB’s too long? What’s your strategy? Follow and engage me on social media @ bsweet2020

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