2020 NFL Uniform Power Rankings: Falcons Plummet, Chargers Mix the Past with the Present

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The Browns, Patriots, Buccaneers, Rams, Falcons, and Chargers have all released new uniforms for the upcoming 2020-21 NFL Season. The Browns and Buccaneers went back to their uniforms before the failed attempt at a more modern look. New England went with a newer style for the Post-Brady era. Social media was set ablaze (albeit in polar opposite ways) after the Rams, Falcons, and Chargers displayed new looks. This all begs one question: Who has the top uniforms in the NFL? I’m here to give my current Power Rankings of the best uniform combos heading into this season. I will also take the helmets into consideration with each team’s uniform set. I need you guys and gals to debate. Without further delay, let’s get to it!

32. Atlanta Falcons


(Image via Atlanta Falcons)

Arguably, the worst uniform set in the NFL. The Falcons tried something new. I respect them for that. However, all they had to do was go with the jersey on the far right. Use that as your home set, create a white road jersey, and possibly an all-red color rush. That’s it. Instead, they went with ‘ATL’ on the front of the jersey, which was a cool nod to the city of Atlanta, but it just looks funky. I do like the matte helmet. Sorry Falcons fans, these jerseys are going to be scrapped as soon as the deal expires.

31. Tennessee Titans


(Image via Forbes)

I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of the Air McNair jerseys before this re-design. Those would be much higher on my list. Something about the new helmet just does not sit well with me. It just feels off, especially with the powder blue alternate jerseys. Going back to the white helmet would make these jerseys a lot better IMO.

30. Los Angeles Rams


(Image via Clutch Points)

This is a classic case of overthinking it. The Rams color scheme has the potential to be the best in the NFL. These new uniforms, especially the white design, are just plain awful. I can see what they were trying to do with the helmet, but sticking with the alternate jerseys they wore in the Super Bowl two seasons ago would have been the perfect choice. The Rams do not stand a chance to sway new fans with these atrocious uniforms.

29. Chicago Bears


(Image via Sporting News)

While typically I am extremely high on traditional uniforms, I’m not too fond of the Bears. I’d like to see them get a little creative with the orange alternate jersey, possibly adding some orange pants. I feel like people either love or hate the classic Bears uniforms. Put me over in the hate column.

28. Houston Texans


(Image via Wikipedia)

The Texans jerseys could use a more modern re-design. To me, they are boring. Nothing about the uniform sticks out to me. Since joining the league, there hasn’t been much of a change to the uniform design, if any. I enjoy the red uniforms, but things can definitely be improved. I’d like to see more versatility from jersey to jersey.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars


(Image via Jacksonville Jaguars)

After a huge failure, the Jaguars re-branded again with a simpler design. I am a big fan of the teal uniforms, but other than that style, everything else just feels off. It also doesn’t help Jaguars fans that no matter what jerseys they are wearing, they can’t seem to win. Sometimes, winning cures all bad uniform designs.

26. Cincinnati Bengals


(Image via Wikipedia)

It’s time Mike Brown. Time to go with something different. The helmet should not be touched, but the current design has fans feeling like a change is needed. I enjoy the black pants with the Bengal stripes down the side. The black jersey is arguably the worst scheme in this combo.

25. Arizona Cardinals


(Image via Wikipedia)

The Cardinals helmets are awesome. I would like to see them opt for a redesign in the next 5 years. With a young head coach and second year quarterback, Arizona has to feel like they need to go with a more modernized uniform. There is something about teams with bird nicknames and black-on-black jerseys that just work, as you’ll see later on this list.

24. Denver Broncos

Drew Lock

(Image via Pick 6)

I’ve featured a design that I would love the Broncos to go back to. The current uniform combination has gotten a bit stale to me. The all-orange jerseys have been the team’s primary home jersey for the last few years, but the navy blue is the better of the two. Going back to the past as you will see other teams in this list do is something that could improve their position in my rankings.

23. Carolina Panthers


(Image via Wikipedia)

Carolina, much like a lot of other teams has an elite color scheme. I think it’s time to change things up after losing its top two players of the past 10 years. Keep the gray pants, but redesign the jersey tops to feature more of a modern look. The powder blue jerseys need to stick around, as they are the best in the Panthers arsenal.

22. New England Patriots


(Image via New England Patriots)

The Patriots basically redesigned their color rush jerseys and have made them into the primary ones. In the post-Brady era, the Patriots decided to go in a different direction, similarly to what the Cleveland Cavaliers did when LeBron James left the first time. I’m not a big fan of the stripe on the shoulders, but ultimately it’s not the worst jersey design on this list.

21. Miami Dolphins


(Image via Miami Dolphins)

I’m still bitter that Miami went away from the classic look of the Zach Thomas days. The newer logo/jerseys are just not that great. The classic uniforms they bring out from time-to-time are beautiful. Featuring more orange in the designs going forward would be a welcomed addition.

20. Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins

(Image via The Helmet and Jersey Stop)

Washington is in need of a redesign. The small print “Redskins” on the front of their jersey needs to go. I like the helmet a lot, but I would like to see a change in all aspects of the uniforms. Always a fan of an all yellow color rush type of jersey with the red featured in.

19. Buffalo Bills


(Image via Sporting News)

The Bills have a really cool color concept. I think they can do better in terms of a jersey design. They do have some of the sharpest color rush jerseys with the all-red look. I would like to see them move towards that as a primary home uniform. I don’t love the designs as much as I did in the early 2000’s, but they are a middle of the road uniform team for me personally.

18. San Francisco 49ers


(Image via Sporting News)

The jersey I have featured above is a design that I would like the 49ers to go back to full time. If we were doing helmet logos only, they would be top 5. The numbers pop and are extremely appealing to the eye. These were a nod to the Steve Young era uniforms in the 90’s. Black-on-black doesn’t really fit with their color scheme.

17. Cleveland Browns


(Image via Cleveland Browns)

The Browns went back to the original design after failing to meet expectations during their re branding that saw the team absolutely stink up the league. I would have the Browns higher on this list if they would have kept the stripe on the sleeve of the color rush jerseys. All in all, the Browns did a solid job by going back to the past.

16. New York Giants


(Image via Sporting News)

I’ve always thought that the New York Giants helmet was one of the best in the league. I really I love the simple blue jersey design with the white pants. The color rush option featured on the far left is a great nod to the past as well. Featuring a second helmet is also a cool gadget that helps the uniforms look better.

15. New York Jets


(Image via New York Jets)

I am a huge fan of the New York Jets redesigned uniforms. Going away from the traditional scheme works for them IMO. The biggest takeaway for me is the black jerseys. I’d like to see them develop a black helmet, if the NFL ever allows teams to wear multiple helmets again with primary jerseys. The green pants/white top are an elite combination.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


(Image via Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Tampa Bay went back to the basics, much like the Cleveland Browns who were featured earlier in this list. Gone are the Transformer-esque jerseys of the Jameis Winston era. Back are the Derrick Brooks-Brad Johnson er uniforms that we remember so fondly. The red top with the tan-ish pants is my favorite combo out of these three. Tom Brady will lead Tampa into a new era with a style from the past.

13. New Orleans Saints

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints

(Image via SaintsWire)

The all-black and gold jerseys have always been one of the Saints best uniform options. The fleur de lis (Saints logo) is a personal favorite of mine, as was my high school team’s logo. There’s just something about this combination that I love. The newer color rush option in white is also a great addition to the Saints arsenal.

12. Indianapolis Colts


(Image via Indianapolis Colts)

The Colts helmet and color scheme has always been a personal favorite of mine. After visiting the city and getting a virtual tour, it made me into a life-long Colts supporter. The Horseshoe design, mixed with the simple, but appealing uniform is a great representation of the great city of Indianapolis.

11. Baltimore Ravens


(Image via SI.com)

Baltimore may have swiped Cleveland’s team, but they possess one of the best jersey designs in the NFL. The current color rush jerseys with the gold numbers are slick. Like the Eagles, they also have a black-on-black uniform combo that fits perfectly with their black helmet. The style and grace of Lamar Jackson fits with this franchise more than any other.

10. Minnesota Vikings


(Image via Sporting News)

The Purple People Eaters have a great uniform concept. The Viking logo on the helmet is one of the coolest looks in football. Purple and yellow go great together. I think the Color Rush jersey design could be improved, but overall the Vikings have a great combination.

9. Detroit Lions


(Image via Detroit Free Press)

I really enjoy the Lions newer designs, maybe more than other people admittedly. The helmet has a cool feel to it with the thicker blue stripe. The white tops are very sharp as well. The blue throwbacks have a classic feel to it that adds an old-school design to an otherwise very modern look. Now, if they can just win a playoff game in these, fans will feel much better about them.

8. Seattle Seahawks


(Image via Sporting News)

The Seattle Seahawks jerseys can sometimes hurt your eyes on the TV screen, but the electric green (whatever you want to call it) is sick. I love this modernized look and the sprinkle of green throughout all of their designs is a great touch. The gray pants with the white tops is also a great look.

7. Las Vegas Raiders


(Image via Sporting News)

I will harp on this a lot in the next few selections, but sometimes traditional uniforms are the best. The Raiders helmet has always felt like a great look. The uniforms are simple, but clean. Moving to Las Vegas, in what feels like the ”Death Star” of all stadiums, it will be interesting if they stick with the traditional uniforms going forward.

6. Philadelphia Eagles


(Image via NBC Sports)

This one goes out to my friend Adam Mack. The Eagles have an elite helmet. The bird wing decals offers one of the best looks in the NFL. I would also like to point out the Kelly Green throwback jerseys that they wear from time-to-time. Jalen Hurts is currently featured in a fan mock-up that you need to check out for yourself. The all-black uniforms worn on a Sunday night game late in November is a sharp look.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers


(Image via Sporting News)

This really pains me to say as a Browns fan, but the Steelers uniforms are elite. Maybe it’s the fact that they are a top 5 organization all-time, but this look is special. The logo on one side of the helmet adds a stand-alone factor and wouldn’t look normal anywhere else. Besides those hideous bumblebee jerseys, the Steelers uniform combo makes it into the top 5 of my list.

4. Kansas City Chiefs


(Image via The Sports Drop)

Another clean, classic look. The red helmets with the arrowhead logo is one of my favorites in all of professional sports. The red-on-red combo is beautiful. It also helps that they have the league’s biggest start at the quarterback position to help market the uniforms. The perfect blend of yellow in these uniforms adds another level to this traditional franchise.

3. Dallas Cowboys


(Image via Wikipedia)

The Cowboys have the best helmet in all of professional and college football. The Star logo is so clean. Dallas continues to wear the white tops and gray pants as a home uniform. The color rush they introduced is a nod to the 90’s teams. Personally, I love the white helmets and they are a tradition on Thanksgiving. This is a top 5 uniform set in the NFL and it always will be.

2. Green Bay Packers


(Photo via Sporting News)

The Green Bay Packers have one of the more timeless uniform sets in the NFL. The ‘G’ helmet logo is so classic and traditional. The green jersey top with yellow pants continues to hold up over time. When you think of classic uniforms, the Packers are at the top of that list. After growing up watching Brett Favre sling the pigskin around, these jerseys have always been special to me.

1. Los Angeles Chargers


(Photo via NBC San Diego, Los Angeles Chargers)

Let’s just be honest here. These are absolute fire. The Chargers are one of the few teams to absolutely kill a redesign. The amount of different helmet-jersey-pant combinations that can be worn make it a nightmare on the Chargers equipment staff. The powder blue look is one of the best uniforms in all of sports, not just the NFL. Adding helmet numbers was a pretty cool idea and goes back to the team’s helmets in the 1960’s. All in all, just a beautiful design.

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