A Sleeper in Seattle?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The Seattle Seahawks are known for many things. A tough defense, a great QB, and a strong running game. And after last season there's reason to believe we can add 'solid WR group' to that conversation. However the position that seems to be overlooked the most in Seattle is the Tight End. It's fair to do so, as Seattle only managed to rank 20th in targets to the Tight End in 2019. But one player at the position has the potential to change that narrative, and his name is Will Dissly.

It's well apparent that Dissly has a history of injuries plaguing his NFL career, with a torn labrum stopping his 2018 run and a torn achilles in 2019. But it's also worth noting that despite only playing in six games, Dissly finished 3rd on the team in TD receptions (4). Quarterback Russell Wilson started showing a habit of relying more on the TE (specifically in the red-zone and short yardage situations), and this is apparent when you look at Jacob Hollister's numbers after replacing the injured Dissly. Even more surprising is that if you look at Dissly and Hollister's numbers, the combined total would have been that of a Top 10 Fantasy Football TE. While not Top 10, I think a Top 15 final ranking is easily attainable if Will is able to stay healthy for the duration of the season.

Despite the Seahawks signing former Panther Greg Olsen this off-season, I believe Dissly has a chance of emerging as a sleeper going into this year. Olsen has an injury history of his own (missing 17 games in 3 seasons), and father time does not treat players kindly. And on the flip side of that, despite the issues with Olsen, his presence will still command defenses to account for him; allowing for Dissly find himself open more times than not.

While Dissly may not be your starting TE going into the season, he has the potential to be a great plug-and-play throughout the year (as long as his health allows him to do so). Despite talent at the WR an RB positions, QB Russell Wilson has a tendency to target the TEs where it matteres most, 3rd down and the RZ. These targets allow for great opportunity for Dissly to snag some points, especially with defenses most likely keying in on Greg Olsen. With the Seahawks having a plethora of TEs, expect them to be running a lot more 2-TE sets, given Dissly plenty of chances to prove his worth going forward.

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