An Introduction to Thrive Fantasy (2021 Fantasy Football)

Those of us that have been involved in fantasy football and/or betting on football most likely have a familiarity with prop betting. You may not have ever done it, but you are at least aware of the concept. If not, here is a general definition of a proposition bet - a bet made regarding an occurrence or nonoccurrence that is not directly related to the outcome of the specific game or contest. Props mostly consist of “more or less” or “either-or” scenarios, and you can find even more unique spinoffs from that general concept.

Interested? Then The Cut recommends you join and play Thrive Fantasy. Either download the app or create your account online at ( and use promo code “THECUT” to receive an additional $20 with your initial deposit of $20 or more. This article will take an introductory look at some available contests and props on the Thrive Fantasy app.



The shown example is the “$5 NFL Week 2 Sun” Traditional contest. I say “contest” because you are competing against other Thrive Fantasy users. This contest allows 175 entries, and each user can submit a maximum of 5 entries. In this contest, each entry will consist of 10 Over/Under selections and 2 ICE (in case of emergency) selections. ICE selections are used if one of your first 10 selections cannot be used, due to contest cancellation, the player being scratched from the game, etc. You will see that each Over/Under selection has a point value to it. If you make the correct selection, you will be awarded that corresponding point value. For example, if you select Justin Jefferson to go over 89.5 receiving yards in his game against Arizona, and end up being correct, you will receive 110 points. The points you earn are what determines how you rank amongst other entries and ultimately how much your payout will be (payouts vary per contest). What I like about this contest-type is you can be rewarded more for choosing and hitting on a less-likely outcome. Or maybe you can find an opportunity to gain an edge based on the line and points available. This contest pays out the top 39 scores (22%). You can choose a more contrarian route to obtain more points, but don’t let that thinking supersede what the most likely outcome is (at least, what you may determine it to be). This early in the season we don’t have a lot of comparative data, but examining previous performances, offensive tendencies, and the opposing defense should all be considered.



I previously mentioned that you could find a contest that adds a unique twist to your general props. Well, here it is! Versus is similar to Traditional where you are competing against other users, and it is based on a point system. However, Versus makes you pick between two players of the same position regarding who will produce more of a particular stat. Then, on top of that, a spread or “cushion” is given to one player. For example, in the top left of the image, you can see Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford are side-by-side. The statistic is passing yards and Carr is given a 14.5-yard cushion. If you choose Stafford, he will need to throw 15 more yards than Carr to obtain the 105 points to be applied towards your overall score. Or you can pick Carr with the 14.5 bonus yards and gain 95 points if you are correct. Again, don’t get too distracted by the points awarded for a correct pick. There is more to consider here since you should be evaluating both players, their offenses, and their opposing defenses (plus the bonus stats/spread) for each pick you make. With all the additional analysis, you only need to make 5 picks and then your 2 ICE picks. The contest displayed is just a $2 entry for 275 entries (maximum of 10 per user) and pays out the top 60 scores (22%).


House Props

My absolute favorite. They’re quick, they’re easy (sometimes) and they’re fun. Thrive Fantasy offers a lot of house props. You can choose props from the entire field, or just play game-by-game. The main difference with the house props is you are not entering a contest against other users but playing against the house. There are some important rules to be aware of, which I will just share a screenshot from the Thrive Fantasy app:

Those are awesome multipliers, right? You will find that they are better than other platforms offering prop bets. The only other note I would add to the rules is that you are not allowed to place more than one prop on the same player within the same submitted bet. You will often see an RB have an Over/Under on their total of rushing plus receiving yards, or a QB with an O/U on their passing plus rushing yards, in addition to an O/U on just a single stat. As far as I know, you can submit an infinite amount of prop bets. Each one just needs to follow the parameters outlined above. My personal preference is to choose props where I really like the Over, simply because it is much more fun to watch football hoping your guy gets more stats, instead of hoping he does less.

Here are my favorite 'Overs' (so far) going into Week 2:

Whenever you can, I recommend finding inclusion correlation in your props. As seen above, Brandin Cooks going over 61.5 receiving yards supports Tyrod Taylor going over 223.5 passing yards and vice versa.


Quick Hints:

To finish off, I wanted to share a couple of quick hints about the Thrive app. First, look for the free contests! Thrive calls them “FREEROLL” (see below) and contain picks for just a single team (Jaguars or Chargers). Lastly, a quick tap on a player’s face will display some of their statistics (see below) to help you with some analysis.

There’s, even more, to see on Thrive Fantasy, so be sure to make an account and check it all out. Keep an eye out for future articles where we’ll make a more in-depth analysis of the weekly props. Don’t forget to use promo code “THECUT” when you make your first deposit and follow The Cut Podcast Network on Twitter @TheCutFFB to receive updates on more articles and podcasts on fantasy, NFL, and college football.

- Jerred Tarrell / @JTspreads


(All Photos Credited to Thrive Fantasy)

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