Chiefs vs Buccaneers - Preview

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The GOAT vs Baby GOAT. Rematch from a game earlier in the season in which KC went up and down the field on the TB defense. The first ever true "home game" for the SuperBowl hosting city.

There are so many plots and subplots to SuperBowl LV. However, I just want to focus on just a couple of the main points. First, the Bucs will definitely be more prepared defensively then they were back in the week 12 matchup. Todd Bowles will have that defense ready to come out firing on all cylinders to slow down the mighty Chiefs offense.

Second, the KC defense has picked up steam along the way as well. They have become aggressive and with timely pressures. Being that Brady is limited in his movements, this bodes well for the Chiefs to bring pressure up the middle and get to Brady.

Many people are looking at this as an offense driven game with high scoring. However, I feel that both defenses will be up-to the challenge to stop the opposing offenses. In the end, KC is just too talented and too fast for the Bucs to keep up with. They have the continuity and chemistry with their core group of players more so than the Bucs.

This will come down to Magic Mahomes doing what he does best which is making unbelievably off-balance throws in pressure situations. Mahomes, with a victory on Sunday would become the youngest two-time SB champ at 25 years old, surpassing the current record holder Tom Brady. The game with raucous crowd in favoring TB won't be easy at all. I do feel as if the Chiefs might have a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Yes, they are the defending SB champions but it seems like the attention has been more heavily tilted towards the Bucs. From being the first ever true SB home team, to Brady trying to win his seventh SuperBowl title etc. the Chiefs will definitely be motivated.

The passing of the torch will officially take place as Mahomes will take over the mantle of being the league's best QB for years to come.

Final prediction: Chiefs 24 Buccaneers 20

Sukhwant Singh

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