Consensus 2020 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Are you an “early quarterback drafter” or do you prefer to remain patient in your redraft leagues? If you’re the former, have you joined a superflex league for the first time and need to know what later quarterbacks to target?

No matter the answer, we are here for you. As the first in a series of season-long projection articles, I feel obligated to explain how we compiled our data. Four contributors (myself, Sean, Randy, and Brandon) put our minds together to determine how we think every fantasy-relevant player will perform during the 2020 NFL season. We each took two divisions, so calling this true consensus is a little off. For example, I don’t believe that Ryan Tannehill should be quite this high, but I didn’t stat him out. We all collaborated to get the rankings as close to consensus as possible, however, and feel as though the description fits the data.

We’d love to give view-only access to our spreadsheet, but we’ll likely be updating rankings as the offseason progresses. We’ve statted all major categories out (down to YPC, target%, and positional target%). We considered a wide variety of factors, from progression, regression, team offseason moves, scheme changes, and more.

Without further adieu, we present our first publicly-viewed, season-long rankings article. If you disagree with us, let us know! Hit us on our socials (@thecutffl) to tell us why – we encourage it, as debate sparks further enlightenment on any topic. And if you’re interested in seeing how we got to these stats, check out our latest episode!

(Image from Getty Images, 2019)

RankNameFPTS2019QB1Patrick Mahomes372.30QB7QB2Lamar Jackson371.72QB1QB3Russell Wilson340.70QB4QB4Deshaun Watson327.46QB5QB5Drew Brees319.60QB21QB6Dak Prescott313.88QB2QB7Kyler Murray300.02QB6QB8Matthew Stafford276.38QB29QB9Josh Allen272.46QB6QB10Matt Ryan270.82QB11QB11Baker Mayfield270.58QB20 QB12Carson Wentz 269.26 QB10 QB13Tom Brady 268.60 QB12 QB14Aaron Rodgers268.42 QB9QB15Jimmy Garoppolo254.54QB14QB16Ryan Tannehill251.38QB22QB17Joe Burrow248.38RookieQB18Teddy Bridgewater248.26QB32QB19Philip Rivers246.72QB18QB20Gardner Minshew246.04QB19QB21Drew Lock245.56QB37QB22Derek Carr245.20QB16QB23Jared Goff244.18QB13QB24Ben Roethlisberger239.72QB53QB25Daniel Jones233.90QB24QB26Sam Darnold229.98QB27QB27Kirk Cousins225.02QB15QB28Dwayne Haskins213.24QB36QB29Jarrett Stidham183.24QB246QB30Tua Tagovailoa181.90RookieQB31Mitchell Trubisky155.08QB25QB32Justin Herbert148.10Rookie

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