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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The time has come to start looking at your Week 11 lineup. The time has come for The Cut’s consensus Week 11 rankings, as well. Christian’s Week 10 Rankings faced some ups and downs – he was strong in the running back department and slightly weak in the wide receiver department. But if you called Christian Kirk and Darius Slayton at WR1 and 2, respectively, then major props to you. Seriously. Let us know and we’ll have you on the podcast. Let’s get into it.



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  1. Lamar Jackson – the guy who should be the front-runner in the MVP race is facing a Texans secondary (who did just add Vernon Hargreaves) that is ranked 22nd in the league against opposing QBs. Safe to say we like his chances.

  2. Patrick Mahomes – the matchup isn’t great, but Mahomes is a certified beast. Start him up.

  3. Drew Brees – the get right game. The Bucs are giving up over 2 TDs and 300 yards per game to opposing quarterbacks, per CBS, and it’s unlikely that Brees will struggle two straight weeks against vanilla defenses.

  4. Dak Prescott – if Mitch Trubisky was able to be productive against this Lions secondary, imagine what a competent quarterback can do. No hesitation, get him into your lineup.

  5. Deshaun Watson – he’s going to have to throw to keep up with the Ravens and we think he gets it done.

  6. Derek Carr – facing the Bengals, who are giving up an average passer rating of 104.0, per CBS, makes us think that Derek Carr is going to have himself a day.

  7. Josh Allen – Miami is 24th against opposing QBs, and Josh Allen has been a regular in the top-ten this season. He should make you a happy fantasy owner this week.

  8. Jameis Winston – New Orleans is giving up just 244 yards and just over a touchdown to opposing quarterbacks, per CBS, but that won’t stop Jameis from doing Jameis things.

  9. Jimmy Garoppolo – opposing QBs are averaging a completion rate of 71% (!!!) against the Cardinals, per CBS. That is all.

  10. Tom Brady – the ageless wonder should have a nice day against an Eagles secondary that got a boost in overall performance by facing Josh Allen and Mitch Trubisky their last two games (rankings aren’t everything they are perceived to be, folks).



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  1. Christian McCaffrey – McCaffrey outside the top-five running backs is a rarity this season, and I don’t expect Atlanta’s surprise Week 10 showing to continue. CMC for MVP.

  2. Dalvin Cook – tough matchup? Maybe so. RB2 on the season and pretty much matchup-proof? Definitely. Love Cook against the Broncos this week.

  3. Josh Jacobs – a top-five quarterback and running back? You could say that we would be betting on the Raiders if we were betting men. Multi-TD game for Jacobs this week.

  4. Ezekiel Elliott – get right game, featuring a heavy passing workload and a dominant performance that we know Zeke to be capable of.

  5. Melvin Gordon – Kansas City gives up over 120 yards and 5 YPC to opposing running backs, along with over five receptions, per CBS. Gordon should be the work horse back that we know him to be again this week.

  6. Leonard Fournette – the Colts are good at stopping running backs, but haven’t faced many of Fournette’s caliber. Confidently start him this week.

  7. Alvin Kamara – the Bucs are great at stopping the run, but Chris Carson laid the foundation for Kamara to succeed two weeks ago. Start him up.

  8. Tevin Coleman – the Cardinals can’t stop anybody.

  9. Le’Veon Bell – the last two weeks have vaulted Lev up to RB11 in PPR, and we think he continues that success against a middle-of-the-road Redskins defense.

  10. Nick Chubb – if the Browns have a shot tonight, it’s by feeding their two dynamic RBs. There has to be competency somewhere in that coach’s office, right?



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  1. Michael Thomas – again, the WR1 on the year is deserving of this spot no matter what. Completely matchup-proof, but presented with the juiciest matchup since Mayweather faced Pacquiao.

  2. Tyreek Hill – the matchup is tough, but the speed is ridiculous and the quarterback is on a nearly-unmatched path to greatness. It only takes one with Tyreek, and we’ll be surprised if it’s only one.

  3. Chris Godwin – we believe in tough matchups, Godwin is the guy. With Evans going toe-to-toe with Lattimore, we expect Godwin to get it done this week.

  4. DeAndre Hopkins – the WR7 on the year – thanks in part to the last three dominant games preceding the Texans’ bye week – should be targeted double-digit times this week.

  5. Amari Cooper – Detroit is actually decent against wideouts this year – 19th on the season – but Dak and Amari have something special going on. While some of us do think the Lions have a shot in this game, they’re going to have to keep up with one of the most dynamic offenses in the league. Start him up.

  6. Julio Jones – if Matt Ryan doesn’t play, we probably bump Julio down slightly, but he should be productive against this Panthers defense in a road divisional matchup.

  7. DJ Moore – if you ever take a look at ROS rankings, you’ll know that DJ Moore is projected to be the WR9 moving forward. Think he gets that projection off to a good start this week.

  8. Julian Edelman – where there’s a Tom, there’s a Julian.

  9. DJ Chark – maybe one of the bolder projections, but with Foles back, we think Chark may look even better (is that possible?) this week against the Colts.

  10. Cooper Kupp – the over-correction game. 0 catches on 0 targets for one of the best playmakers in the league is pretty inexcusable, which means the ball will get to Kupp a minimum of 8 times this week.



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  1. Travis Kelce – no analysis necessary. He’s very good at football.

  2. Hunter Henry – Rivers is going to have to throw to keep up with the Chiefs, and Henry is one of the more dominant red zone targets in the league. Expect a good output from Henry this week.

  3. Darren Waller – again, bet on the Raiders.

  4. Greg Olsen – the Falcons are actually middle of the road against tight ends, but we expect the ten Week 10 targets to translate to similar output and production in Week 11.

  5. Mark Andrews – coming off of an eight-target, six-catch performance, Andrews looks like a lock for a top five slot this week.


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