Consensus Week 13 Rankings

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Welcome back for our weekly rankings! We’ve added a writer to our team at The Cut, which has given this article a little more diversity and hopefully, a lot more accuracy. We were actually pretty accurate last week, and we’re hoping to improve our level of mediocrity in this edition. Let’s get into it!



Sam Darnold will be looking to build off of his season-best performance this week (Image from USA Today).

  1. Patrick Mahomes – we have a new number one, and it’s easy to see why Lamar may be outscored by the 2018 NFL MVP this week.

  2. Lamar Jackson – it won’t be shocking if Lamar finishes at QB1, despite the 49ers only giving up 11.36 fantasy points per game (FPTS) to opposing QBs.

  3. Drew Brees – contrarily, this guy has a phenomenal matchup, as the Falcons just gave up 29 FPTS to Jameis Winston. No chance Brees flops against this defense again, right?

  4. Aaron Rodgers – matchups aren’t everything, but this Giants secondary should make Rodgers feel like he’s playing Madden on Rookie.

  5. Russell Wilson – Minnesota’s secondary has been atrocious, including Xavier Rhodes (insert Sean Ward pun here), and Russell Wilson is sure to have a bounce back game this week.

  6. Jameis WinstonQBs are averaging 20 FPTS against the Jaguars, and while Jameis is definitely going to throw an INT or twelve, he is still going to finish high.

  7. Sam Darnold – over the last three weeks, Darnold is averaging 23.52 FPTS and he gets the Bengals this week. This actually feels like a conservative spot for him.

  8. Kyler Murray – you would think that the Rams would be better against opposing QBs, and last week probably skewed the statistics a bit, but Kyler has QB1 upside every week, no matter what.

  9. Matt Ryan – the Saints defense is good, but against opposing QBs, they are actually in the bottom half of the league. This gives us reason to believe Ryan will be a great play this week.

  10. Baker Mayfield – we’re biased and the matchup doesn’t matter to us. No but really, he has been increasing his production for the last five weeks, and we think that stretch of good play continues here.

  11. Carson Wentz – this is bold, because Wentz has an injury designation going into the game and is coming off a four-turnover performance. But if he plays, he has to produce against the Dolphins, right?

  12. Tom Brady – Tommy Two-Hands-Full-of-Rings against the 24th-ranked defense against QBs? Give us all of that.



Saquon has been disappointing, but he’s bound to bounce back. We hope it’s this week (Image from The NY Times).

  1. Christian McCaffrey – getting tired of writing good things about this man. He was RB1 for all of us this week – that’s all I can muster. CMC for MVP.

  2. Alvin Kamara – since coming back from his injury, Kamara has averaged over 5 yards per carry. He’s due for a monster game, and it should happen this week.

  3. Dalvin Cook – his production has come down a bit, but out of the bye week, we feel confident that he will get it done, once again.

  4. Ezekiel Elliott – the other guys are a bit higher on Zeke than I am, and it jumped him up in the rankings, but he should have a decent game against the Buffalo Bills tomorrow night.

  5. Aaron Jonesthe Giants are 20th against opposing RBs, and while Jamaal Williams still poses a threat to Jones’ work, we like him this week.

  6. Josh Jacobs – the opportunity for a bounce back game is there with a phenomenal matchup and what should be a clear recognition of what went wrong last week. Start him with no hesitation.

  7. Nick Chubb – Chubb had 92 yards in CLEvsPIT Round 1, and if he finds the end zone, it’s a great day for him. We expect some heightened production in a must-win for the Browns this week.

  8. Saquon Barkley – he needs a bounce back in the worst way. Is he hurt? Is Pat Shurmur incompetent as a head coach? The answer to both questions is probably yes, but Saquon should have a good day against the Packers this week.

  9. Le’Veon Bell – snap count = down. Production = consistent. Lev should be a fine play this week.

  10. Leonard Fournette – this feels low, but Tampa Bay’s run defense is legit, and in that aspect, this might actually be high? Start him anyway.

  11. Melvin Gordon – the Broncos have the 12th-best defense against opposing RBs, but Gordon should be heavily-involved in this matchup.

  12. Derrick Henry – my boy. Hasn’t had a bad week since he played TB, and he should continue that this week.



Jarvis Landry has been a pleasant surprise this season, especially lately (Image from Yahoo Sports).

  1. Michael Thomas – see: analysis of Christian McCaffrey.

  2. Tyreek Hill – against the Raiders? Smash play.

  3. Davante Adams – against the Giants? Smash play.

  4. Chris Godwin – receivers are averaging over 20 FPTS against the Jaguars, and Godwin re-established himself with Jameis last week. It’s a toss-up for who gets the share of targets, but we like Godwin this week.

  5. Mike Evans – we also like Evans this week, for a lot of the aforementioned reasons. We also like how he hasn’t exploded in a while, which was the case for Godwin prior to last week.

  6. DJ Chark – a staple of consistency partnered with the Tampa Bay secondary means we really like Chark this week.

  7. Cooper Kupp – he absolutely has to be productive this week, right? It’s been so long, and maybe we’re just hopeful in this juicy matchup.

  8. DeAndre Hopkins – the matchup is rough, and Amari’s performance last week scares us, but it’s DeAndre Hopkins. He should be productive either way. If he isn’t, bet on the Patriots.

  9. DJ Moore – he has only had less than 8 targets twice all season, and in the last four weeks, he’s averaging 11 of them. Volume is good.

  10. Julian Edelman – against the Texans terrible secondary? Yes, please.

  11. Jarvis Landry – think it would be foolish not to have him here, as his lowest fantasy output since the bye week is 11.5 FPTS against the Patriots. While some touchdown regression is coming, the volume is still there.

  12. Tyler Lockett – WR10 on the year that hasn’t been productive since Week 9 makes us feel like a breakout is coming. Against the Vikings, that could very well happen.



Travis Kelce was TE1 for all four contributors this week (Image from Kansas City Chiefs).

  1. Travis Kelce

  2. Zach Ertz

  3. Hunter Henry

  4. George Kittle

  5. Jared Cook / Darren Waller – these guys tied for this spot, which gives me an opportunity to say something about the tight end landscape this week.


There you have it. I will not be writing about the tight ends from now on unless there is something important to say. But these six guys plus maybe Evan Engram are the only guys we feel good about rest-of-season. Need to move toward tight end premium scoring. Tell your commissioners.

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Until next time!

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