Fantasy Surprises through Week 10

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

If you thought Daniel Jones would be the QB17 on the year through Week 10, raise your hand…

That’s what I thought. What makes fantasy football so great is the dynamism of the game – anything can happen on any given week, and it sometimes comes as a shock when your expectations have to be altered. The 2019 fantasy football season has been riddled with surprises, and here’s a list of some of the most amazing ones.


Daniel Jones is a viable QB option for your fantasy team.

The Giants were expected to sit their high draft pick behind their franchise QB for quite some time. Granted, Eli Manning was already halfway down the hill, but the Giants didn’t look like a team that was ready to win. Since Daniel Jones took over in Week 3, he has been a top-15 QB, and he currently sits at QB17 for the entirety of the season. Draft analysts doubted his ability and many poked fun at the Giants for their high investment in Jones. Look who is laughing now.


Jared Goff has regressed much more than anyone could have expected.

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The Rams are one of the NFL’s biggest mysteries this season. Whether it is the league figuring out Sean McVay or the fact that they have altered their approach to feature less Gurley and more incomplete passes, Jared Goff has struggled pretty mightily. He has gone from QB7 in 2018 to QB18 (behind Daniel freaking Jones) in 2019. He has ultimately looked lost in most of his starts, and the Rams look like a team that is on the downturn (despite their young core). Interested to watch this play out as the season continues.


The Cleveland Browns have ultimately been fantasy irrelevant.

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The Cleveland Browns entered the season as one of the most hyped 7-9 teams in recent history. Their acquisition of Odell Beckham, Jr. and the expected progression of savior Baker Mayfield had the town buzzing. The Browns currently sit in third-place in their division, and if you own anyone outside of Nick Chubb in fantasy, you’re pretty disappointed. OBJ is WR25 in PPR. Baker is QB23. David Njoku has missed nearly the entire season. While I think that is bound to turn around in the next few weeks, it surely has been surprisingly bad.


Andy Dalton was 4th in the league in passing yards prior to his benching.

(Image from

It takes a special tank-job to bench a top-five guy in passing yards for a 4th-round rookie quarterback. Sure, Andy Dalton wasn’t winning games, but was it his fault? Absolutely not. What is crazy is that Dalton was benched so they could lose more games to draft a quarterback to take over for him. I’m intrigued to see where Dalton lands next season. I fully believe he will start wherever that may be. Which means Dalton will be fantasy relevant once again.


Aaron Jones, Austin Ekeler, and Josh Jacobs are all RB1s through Week 10.

(Image from Bolt Beat)

If you walked into this season expecting those three names to be as dominant as they have been, kudos to you. Aaron Jones always flashed the potential, but there was a lot of ambiguity surrounding the new offense and the lack of previous trust in Jones. Jones and Ekeler have split time, but still remain RB1s. Josh Jacobs has an offense built around him and it is working – the Raiders are 5-4 on the year. While Ekeler definitely won’t be as productive as he was without Melvin Gordon, there’s no reason to believe that the other two will fall outside of the top-12.


So that’s that. Surprises are what make fantasy football both incredibly fun and absolutely frustrating. The guy you picked in the first round may have missed 4 weeks with an injury (looking at you Davante Adams) and the guy you picked in the 10th may be your league-winner. Maybe there will be more surprises from Week 11 on, but only time will tell.

See you next time!


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