Jalen Hurts: Better Fit for Philly than the Colts' QB?

For the Philadelphia Eagles, the last 6 months have been longer than any six-month stretch I can remember. The Colts' QB was benched Week 13 and never saw the field again for the Eagles. Rookie Jalen Hurts takes over in the driver's seat for the remaining 4 games and finished the year with 1,061 passing yards, 6 passing TDs, 354 rushing yards, and 3 rushing TD's. The Eagles then fired their head coach and then the "star" QB was traded. I bet you will never guess where the Eagles traded the Colts' QB to. If you guessed the Colts, you are correct!

The Colts' QB folded when faced with hardship; Jalen accepts the challenge

According to multiple reports, the Colts' QB's relationship with the Eagles was fractured when Jalen was selected in the 2nd round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Colts' QB feared that Jalen was being picked to replace him as the longterm QB of the team (I guess he was right.) I am confused why he thought that, because Eagles signed him to a four-year, $128 million contract extension with $107 million guaranteed in 2019. Not sure why he thought they would move on. He would have to really play bad to lose the starting job after signing that contract.

The Colts' QB felt the pressure about Jalen being drafted so high and played horrible. He felt like he was playing for job since Week 1. He knew he was the starter even after Jalen was drafted, so I am unsure why he was so scared. Remember in 2014 when the Patriots drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd round? Tom Brady doesn't, because he was too busy winning three more Super Bowls for New England. The Colts' QB could not handle the adversity and we all saw how horrible he played in 2020. Jalen deserved to start at the end of the season and he earned the job.

The competitiveness is contagious

Jalen knows he is not a finished product and he has a long way to go to be considered elite. He saw first hand at Alabama what happens when you do not play to a standard. He was benched at halftime in the National Championship game. Do you think he wants to get benched again? He is a workhorse who is ready to take his game to the next level. Every press conference I watch, he gets me more and more excited for the season.

His college story is phenomenal and how he handled himself in Philly is truly inspirational. He knew from the moment he was drafted that he was the 3rd string QB behind the Colts' QB and Nate Sudfeld. However, he earned the back-up role and then earned the starting job. He came in and worked his rear end off and played incredible. His competitiveness throughout his whole career is contagious. You can feel the energy.

How do you not get excited when their quarterback does this?

The Eagles are actually investing in Jalen Hurts

The biggest complaint Eagles' fans had during the Colts' QB tenure was their lack of support for him. Many WRs did not work out well. Nelson Agholor did not know how to catch a football while in Philly, DeSean Jackson could not find his old magic, and Alshon Jeffery was on a steep decline throughout his time here.

The Eagles seem invested in Jalen Hurts. The managed to not trade away current stars Miles Sanders and Dallas Goedert when they could have received a good trade haul for each. They spent the 2021 Draft getting Jalen Hurts some help and protection.

On Day 2, they drafted Landon Dickerson to be the future center of the team. Dickerson was easily a top ten talent before his injury. Have him sit behind Jason Kelce and get healthy and Jalen Hurts will be very protected. The Eagles understand that the QB needs to be protected and that is what their plan is.

The big draft acquisition was the reigning Heisman trophy winner from Alabama, DeVonta Smith. He has been the elite deep ball threat the Eagfles have needed for decades. To make it even better he is a former teammate of Jalen Hurts. If they can rekindle their Alabama connection, I am sure Eagles fans will be happy. This is the player that the Eagles needed, the Eagles' fans wanted, and he is the player that will help solidify our passing game.

This is fun to watch!

Jalen Hurts was born to play for Philadelphia

There is zero hiding that Philly is not an easy place to play. There are so many athletes that come here and they simply can't handle the pressure. There is a very small number of elite players that can handle it. Jalen Hurts is going to be one of those guys. Philly fans love a player who is ready to compete and backs down to nothing. The Colts' QB backed down to adversity while Jalen stepped up. Eagles fans do not like when the person they thought was their star player simply quits on them.

When the Colts' QB was drafted, he brought a lot of excitement with him. That excitement brought a long waited Super Bowl. However, the Colts' QB proved he was unable to play here after some "competition" was brought in. Jalen Hurts wants to be here and can play here and is brining an excitement that we have not felt since 2016.

It takes a certain breed to play and succeed here. How many times have we seen former Eagles or any Philly team go to other teams and succeed? We have seen it many times, but it is hard to succeed here. Jalen Hurts has that factor that will help him succeed. He understands the pressure and expectations. He has done it at every place he has played and I expect him to do the same in Philly.

I wish the Colts' QB luck in Indy and I am sure he will do well here. However, Jalen Hurts is better suited to be the long term option in Philadelphia.

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