Matthew Stafford Will Thrive in Los Angeles

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Matthew Stafford is in the best possible situation anyone can imagine. The Rams went 42-27 (3-3 in playoffs) in the five seasons that Goff played for them. Goff went two Pro-Bowls and obviously the Super Bowl appearance back in 2018.

Not knock on Goff but he is not the same level as Stafford. Stafford is one of the most underrated QBs of his generation. His 74-90-1 and 0-3 record in playoffs is nothing to write home about. However, he has also been the victim of bad management and leadership with a constant coaching carousel.

Stafford has never complained and just went about his way. This off-season things changed. There was mutual respect from both the Lions front office and Stafford's side to put everything out on the table. The Lions with another new coach are ready to rebuild yet again and Stafford did not want to be part of yet another one. The Rams called and the two teams struck a deal which can change the power in the NFC.

Matt Stafford has endured eight losing seasons out of twelve! I'll repeat eight losing seasons out of twelve! Yet, he's the youngest QB in NFL history to reach 40,000 passing yards. Think about that for a second. For a team that's always been the NFL doormat, guys like Calvin Johnson retire early just to get out of that mess and yet Stafford just chugs along. He's never gotten the accolades of Brady, Rodgers, Brees and even now Mahomes. He is always that forgotten QB in a way. People don't understand how good Stafford really is and will now be able to showcase that talent.

Because the Lions have always been in purgatory, they rarely ever get big prime-time games. The rest of the NFL fans don't get to see Stafford show off his skill-set often. Now with the Rams, they will be on prime-time many many times including big post-season games. Stafford is just 33 years old. He can make any throw in the book and then some. In QB friendly system and with that loaded offense/defense look for the Rams to be a team to be reckon with next season.

The Rams with all that talent went all in this off-season to upgrade the QB position. They did so in a huge way and it will pay dividends. This is a team ready to win now and they have no more time to waste. I've always been a fan of Stafford and will now root for him even more so just because he is that good. He will finally be able to showcase his true talents on a team that is ready to win with him.

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-Sukhwant Singh

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