Prospect Analysis: Chase Young

The time has come to start deep-diving into some NFL Draft content. We announced on Episode 28 that we would be getting to some of this content, but we wanted to follow up with a preview of what is to come!

In this analysis, we are going to talk about Chase Young. Young has Hall of Famer written all over him. He’s better than Myles Garrett was coming out of A&M. He’s better than Jadeveon Clowney was coming out of South Carolina. Let’s take a look at what Chase Young does right (spoiler: everything).

The Breakdown

Disregard the opponent. Look at the explosion. This is an elite-level jump off the snap, but the most impressive thing is his ability to secure the sack. He almost loses it, but his strength and body control allow him to drag the quarterback down. Let’s look at another one.

This one is against Wisconsin, a school that has traditionally produced some renowned linemen. Young pushes the left tackle back far enough to avoid the double team, splitting the two like they’re still in high school. His explosion has him to Jack Coan in less than 4 seconds – or in other words, before he was able to make his second read.

Chase Young also possesses the ability to line up all over the field. In this play, he’s the standing linebacker.

He would have reached the QB for a sack, but because of the screen, he should be rendered out of the play. But his speed allows him to recover fast enough to make a tackle for loss. The scheme here definitely helped – the RB had nowhere to go so he was a sitting duck – but Chase Young is fast.

Many people will point to Young’s performance in the B1G Championship and signal that he was rendered irrelevant. We’d like to point out that he had two and sometimes three guys chipping or blocking, which is significantly more valuable than a sack in the first place (there’s also a clip of him pulling Jonathan Taylor backwards with one arm – absolutely insane strength).

The Verdict

Chase Young is clearly the 1.01 in the 2020 NFL Draft in terms of talent. QB-needy teams are known to reach for their franchise guy, but Young has all the necessary qualities of a franchise-changer on the other side of the ball. Sure, he probably fits better in a 4-3 scheme because although we showed him as a standing backer, he is best with his hand in the dirt. But this is a guy that you scheme around. The Bengals will likely end up with the first pick and with Andy Dalton back in the lineup and under contract for another year, we wouldn’t be shocked to see Young go first overall.

This draft reminds me, personally, of the Myles Garrett draft. The Browns were desperate for a quarterback and owned the 1.01. Myles’ talent forced their hand and until a few weeks ago, they hadn’t been disappointed. They probably still aren’t disappointed because Myles Garrett was the correct pick.

Chase Young is also the correct pick. To the team who is lucky enough to land the first overall pick, don’t mess it up.

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