Prospect Overview: Dyami Brown WR North Carolina

Dyami Brown

WR North Carolina

6'1" 185lbs (BMI 24.41)

Dominator Rating: 31.7%

Breakout Age: 19.8

Age: 21.3

Dyami Brown has quickly become one of my favorite prospects in this class. He is known as a vertical threat, but I honestly think he is much more than just that. Right now, he is projected as a mid to late 2nd round rookie pick in SF rookie mock drafts, and if that holds up, I am going to try to get as many shares of Dyami as I can.

The Stats

Dyami Brown played as a true freshman at North Carolina, but only had 17 receptions for 173 yards and 1 touchdown. He played in 9 games but wasn’t really a factor. As a sophomore, Dyami quickly began to make an impact for the team. He finished his sophomore season with 51 receptions for 1,034 yards and 12 touchdowns. That makes his breakout age 19.8. Going into his junior season, expectations were high for him and that offense. Brown finished his junior season with 55 receptions for 1,099 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Dyami averaged 20.1 YPR according to They have that in the 93rd percentile. That just goes to show how good of a deep threat Dyami is. He had 543 yards on targets of 20+ yards which would be 2nd to DeVonta Smith. According to PFF, Dyami was 24th in Yards Per Route Run with 3.11 yards.

PFF grades Dyami tied for 20th overall in total offensive score and 23rd overall in pass routes. He has the grades and the stats that look really good, but how about the film? Let's take a look at some of the clips I made while watching him play!

The Film

I wanted to start the film breakdown with my favorite clip of him, and honestly one of my favorite clips of any player. In this clip, he is going against AJ Terrell (who would later be a 1st round draft pick). Notice that Dyami throws his hand up before the snap even happened. I LOVE that confidence. He then gets outside position and stutter steps to fake going inside. When Terrell bites on the fake, Dyami easily blows by him and gets the easy score.

After reviewing the film, Dyami is more than just a deep threat who needs a perfect pass to score. He shows the ability to go up and snag balls. In this compilation of clips, you can see that Dyami has very good ball skills. He shows body control and concentration. He is a hands catcher who can make difficult catches through contact with the defender.

Dyami also shows some playmaking YAC ability. Some of these clips weren't necessarily huge plays, but they are included to prove that he does have some skill in this area. In the first clip, I really like his change of direction as he plants his foot to avoid a tackle from the safety. It just looks smooth to me.

The second clip isn't a big play either, however I loved the physicality to stiff arm the corner to the ground, maintain balance, and then gain a few extra yards.

The last couple plays show the bigger gains. He's able to spin through a couple defenders and almost take it the distance. Then he runs a little curl in which he creates plenty of space. He spins outside as the defender comes in and is able to use his explosiveness to take it all the way. He almost was short but is able to lunge forward to score.

In this next video, we'll take a look at his route running and footwork. I think he is pretty good in both areas. I think he has a quick release which allows him to get open and he runs some pretty crisp/smooth routes.

In the first clip, it's just a simple fade route. He shows some clean footwork and makes the defender kind of freeze long enough to get the edge and the reception.

In the second clip, Dyami does somewhat of a double fake on the defender and it works. I thought it was a nice smooth route. He then blows the defender away and gets the easy score.

In the next clip, he runs a post and shows good burst after planting his left foot in the ground to get past the defender. He does have to slow down a bit and come back to the ball.

In the last clip here, we see some good footwork when he is originally going outside, but the defender is there so he quickly gets inside of the defense and just easily burns him from that point.

The Negatives

My main concern with Dyami Brown is his size. I do prefer that receivers have a bigger frame as BMI does seem to correlate to success. I really like to see the BMI be 26 or higher, so with his BMI at 24.41, it is a concern. That said, with where he is being projected in rookie drafts, you aren't taking him expecting WR1 numbers. That makes the risk low and the reward possibility high.


Dyami posted an instagram story that showed his weight at 197.4 lbs. If he is 6'1" and 197 lbs, that would make his BMI 25.99. Love seeing it closer to 26! If this holds true, Dyami is going to fly up a lot of draft boards, including mine. I was already getting higher on him and now this is a game changer in my eyes. If he can keep his speed while gaining muscle, then consider me all in on his value.

My Comp

I think Dyami has a ceiling of Robby Anderson. He has a very similar play style, but is just a tad shorter. Robby Anderson actually has a lower BMI (23.75), so it's proven that these smaller guys can still make a difference. I think that Dyami has what it takes to be a WR3 with upside and if he hits his ceiling, can easily be a WR2 who has blowup games. What more can you ask for in a second round rookie pick? Just like many other receivers in this stacked class, he has huge value potential.

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