Prospect Overview: Seth Williams WR Auburn

Seth Williams, WR Auburn

6'3" 211 (BMI 26.37)

Age: 21.5

Breakout Age: 19.5

College Dominator Rating: 34.39%

Comp: Bryan Edwards / Alshon Jeffery

Seth Williams has recently seemed to slide down some draft rankings in this stacked 2021 WR class. Honestly, I can't blame people too much for having some of these guys ahead of him, but I do think that Williams could slide too far. Honestly, I think at this point I would take Williams over Jaylen Waddle, who was my WR7 in my previous article. That could change during the draft process though. I believe he will be a great value when he's picked in rookie drafts. I am a sucker for receivers built like Williams who display his kind of ball skills and big play ability.

The Stats

Seth Williams made an instant impact as a true freshman for Auburn in the SEC. He was their 3rd leading receiver in both receptions and yards behind Darius Slayton and Ryan Davis. He tied for 1st on the team with 5 TD receptions. With that production, Williams had a 21.14% dominator rating, making his breakout age 19.5. Pretty impressive stuff as a true freshman in the SEC. In his sophomore season, Williams led the team in receptions, yards and touchdowns and posted a dominator rating of 35.39%.

Going into his junior season, Williams was high on a lot of draft boards. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite live up to the hype, at least statistically. He had just 42 receptions for 688 yards and 4 touchdowns this season with a dominator rating of 34.39%. A major issue this year was that the team just wasn't very good and had less than stellar QB play. The good news is that a 34.39% dominator rating is good all things considered. Sometimes you need to look deeper than just the stats.

According to research I did on PFF, Williams had 90 targets this season and PFF charted only 50 of those targets as catchable (55.55%). That is a horribly low number. Wondering what some of the other 2021 WR prospects catchable targets percentages were? Take a look below:

DeVonta Smith – 81.30%

Rondale Moore – 79.55%

Amon-Ra St. Brown – 77.59%

Rashod Bateman – 75%

Now, even if Williams hasn’t looked as great as he could have, this is a major issue that has hindered his production. I don't think it's fair to put all the blame on Williams given this information. This is a good thing for his value. Seth Williams could easily end up being the best value of this 2021 class, especially if Williams gets good draft capital in the NFL draft. Chances are you will be able to get Williams in the 2nd round of rookie drafts and I would be ecstatic to land him there. So much upside potential.

The Film

The first clip I want to show of Seth Williams is an epic one. The play itself was good, but it was epic mainly because he had Mississippi St cornerback Martin Emerson in his face talking all kinds of trash before the play and then moments later burned him and caught a TD pass. He then gave Emerson what he had coming to him and had stuff to say back. Made me love Williams as a player. I'm a fan.

Now I will move on to his ball skills. He has great 50/50 ball ability. Auburn repeatedly went to him in situations where they needed a play and gave him a chance to go up and get it. A lot of the time he would come down with it too. He has great body control and can make quick adjustments to the ball. There were only a few instances I saw where he lost the 50/50 ball to the corner or that he should have made the play and didn't. There are some clips of back shoulder throws where he is able to turn his body and make the play. I could see that being a huge part of his game at the next level.

In this next video, I will show a few plays I picked out that shows his athleticism and breakaway ability. He has the ability to make a man miss or shed a tackle and take it to the house. I found two clips as well where he successfully hurdles the defender which shows some athleticism for the big framed receiver. He shows good release as well and is able to get open quickly. All tools that will help him at the next level!

One thing I am a little concerned about is the drops. He had a perfectly thrown ball that he let slip right through his hands that would have been a touchdown against Alabama in the Iron Bowl. According to PFF, he has a 16% drop rate, which would rank as the 15th highest among Power 5 schools and 43rd overall. There are a few occasions where I think he should have out jumped the corner or made a catch in traffic where he didn't. Overall though, he does seem to make those plays more often than not. He does demonstrate good hands as well on several other plays as shown above, but it is concerning.

I have Williams comp as Bryan Edwards and Alshon Jeffery. They are all about the same size and have a very similar play style and profiles. I did think Alshon was a better prospect though, so I am not saying that he will be like him in the NFL, but more so that his play style is similar.

Williams is projected to be a 2nd or 3rd round pick in the NFL Draft. Hopefully a team will fall in love and pick him earlier than later so he has that draft capital, however, he should be a great target in rookie drafts even if he doesn't get the draft capital next April. I can't wait to pick him in the 2nd round of drafts.

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