Prospect Overview: Tylan Wallace WR Oklahoma State

Tylan Wallace

WR Oklahoma State

6'0" 190lbs (BMI 25.77)

Age: 21.8

Breakout Age: 19.3

Dominator Rating: 47.1%

Tylan Wallace broke out during his sophomore season. He was a Biletnikoff Award finalist in that 2018 season. The hype grew for his Junior season, but his season was cut short with a devastating ACL injury late in the year, which caused him to miss the final 5 games. He chose to return to school for his senior season. He played well this year, but in such a stacked class, he may be somewhat forgotten.

The Stats

Tylan Wallace only had 7 receptions for 118 yards in his freshman season at Oklahoma State. He really didn’t do much, but in his sophomore campaign, he exploded. Wallace had 86 receptions for 1,491 yards and 12 touchdowns.

After being a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award after his sophomore season, the expectations were high for Wallace going into his junior season. His season was cut short after 8 games due to an ACL tear that he suffered in practice. He would miss the final 5 games of the season. In the 8 games he played, he had 53 receptions for 903 yards and 8 touchdowns. If you play the “what if” game a little and average his production out to 13 games, which is what his team played, he would have been set for 86 receptions for 1,467 yards and 13 touchdowns. Due to his ACL injury, he no longer was expected to be a high draft pick, so Wallace stayed for his senior season.

Wallace played 9 games in his senior season. He finished with 59 receptions for 922 yards and 6 touchdowns. Pretty solid for 9 games. He definitely proved that he recovered from the ACL injury and can still play. Most of the time being a senior receiver entering the draft is a red flag, but I give Wallace the benefit of the doubt since he had the major injury his junior season. He also dominated at an early age, so he was on the right track before the injury. In a pretty stacked 2021 wide receiver class, he should be a round 2 or 3 draft pick.

The Film

When I started diving into film, I will admit I was not blown away by what I saw at first. My initial reaction was that he obviously stuck out with his ball skills and insane jumping ability, but I wasn't too impressed with other areas of his game such as release or explosiveness compared to some of the other top receivers. I fought with myself a lot through this evaluation. Let's take a look at some film now that caught my eye.

First, we will just take a look at some of the insane catches he makes. When you watch this compilation of highlights, take notice of his ball skills. He is excellent at tracking the ball. You can see him tracking the ball and slowing down a bit if needed. He then uses his insane body control to do whatever it takes to make the catch. I'm pretty sure that he can move his body in any direction and as long as the ball is near him, he has a high chance of making the play. Another thing I noticed while watching film was that if he doesn't make the catch, then nobody does, meaning low amount of Int's when he's targeted. He doesn't rely on or need separation to make an impact, which will translate nicely at the next level. Take a look at the plays I picked out:

On top of all of his ball skill traits, he can make receptions through plenty of contact. Look at this catch he makes while absorbing this hit that sent him a couple yards. He can high point and secure the ball to make sure he completes the catch.

As I stated before, Wallace plays taller than his measured 6'0" height. He consistently shows his jumping ability play after play. Here is a play that specifically showed what he can do in a jump ball situation. There are two defenders near him but he just out jumps the defender and makes the catch and is able to score.

Wallace is a decent route runner. I wasn't able to see too many instances of great routes. I did find the below clip where he gets the defender to bite inside before planting his foot in the ground and going to the end zone. He doesn't show much explosiveness in the route and the defender is able to catch up, but Wallace is able to make the catch regardless.

Wallace does show some ability to create with the ball in his hands behind the LOS and also that he can play physical and shed some tackles. I didn't see too many instances of him breaking tackles or trucking defenders, but the first clip shows a huge play against Iowa St where he was able to absorb contact and then take it to the house. I don't necessarily see this being a big part of his game at the next level though.

The Negatives

After reviewing the film, I would say that Wallace's weaknesses would explosiveness, quickness, and release at the line. Some would probably say he isn't great at getting separation, but I'm not worried about that at the next level. You can see in the film I cut earlier that he lacks in those areas, but he makes up for it by catching nearly anything that would be deemed "catchable". I am not overly concerned about those areas for him, but that is the reason I can't put him ahead of some of the other great receivers in this class. My biggest concern would be the release at the line. I would like him to be a little more explosive or quick with the movement there, but he still gets it done.

I watched a lot of film and didn't see too many instances of Wallace going against press coverage. I did see a couple plays where it looks like the defender is able to disrupt his route and force him to go out of bounds, but overall I didn't see a large enough sample size in what was available to me to say that he cannot win against press coverage like some have said.

My Comp

I struggled to get a comp for Wallace. One comp that came to mind is Anthony Miller. I think that Wallace is a better version with more upside. Especially in the right situation! Wallace is going to be a crazy good value in dynasty drafts, especially in the SF format. He has the potential to be a steal in the 2nd round of rookie drafts. I think he can be a solid WR2 on a team and will be able to produce good numbers. I don't see the #1 option potential with him, but that doesn't mean he won't be valuable in fantasy.

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