Randy’s Mock Draft 2.0

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Thank the football gods that it is draft week. This and the Jordan doc series is the only thing that has been keeping things feel normal in the sports world. This mock will have no trades because that was the agreed upon terms of The Cut friendly competition among all the hosts. With that being said, please enjoy and comment your opinions. I always love constructive discussions.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals: Joe Burrow, QB LSU

  2. This is a run a way pick. Burrow has one of the best seasons ever at LSU, and I expect that to continue on the Bengals with Green, Boyd, Ross, and Mixon. Now if they could just bolster the rest of their line and defense.

  3. Washington Redskins: Chase Young, Edge Ohio State

  4. Young is the best player in the draft and still has room to grow in terms of finesse pass rushing. This is a home run pick. Arguably the worst team last year is starting over with a new coach and new gm, so take the best guy in the class and keep rebuilding the defense around him

  5. Detroit Lions: Jeffrey Okudah, CB Ohio State

  6. Okudah is my second ranked player in the draft and is the perfect stud replacement for Slay for the Lions. The Lions have made some solid depth signings at corner but need a new lock down guy for the next decade. I think they could trade down and they could also take Simmons here, but Okudah has to be the play.

  7. New York Giants: Jedrick Wills, OT Alabama

  8. I think Simmons could very well go here, but I’m giving them a plug and play stud of a tackle. Wills has always played right tackle and the Giants need a quality right tackle anyways. Let the absolute stud and best tackle in the class play the right side until they are ready to move on from Soldier in the future. Wills has amazing technique, quick feet, great balance, explosive and precise hands, functional strength, football IQ, intense run blocker, and some of the best pass sets I have ever seen coming out.

  9. Miami Dolphins: Justin Herbert, QB Oregon

  10. Man do I not want to put this here. But the Dolphins need a QB and either this a really elaborate smoke screen or they don’t want to deal with Tua’s injury history. Herbert has his weaknesses but he definitely has his strengths as well. Herbert has the NFL prototypical size, mobility, and overall arm talent. He can make every throw on the field and like most rookies, needs to learn how to process and make decisions better. His arm talent is arguably top of the class and has been compared to many amazing guys in this aspect. You have to believe in the coaches you brought in and let them groom Herbert into the stud he can become. I will say, if the line isn’t improved then any QB has a high chance to bust.

  11. Los Angeles Chargers: Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama

  12. I believe that the Chargers will trade up to get him. Tua is the second best qb in this class and will allow the Chargers to transition from Taylor to Tua for the better and for the future when they feel he is ready. Tua when healthy has every right to be called the best QB in the class with his play on the field. He doesn’t have the biggest arm and holds the ball a bit too long to try and make a moment with every play. If this is worked on even slightly, and he remains upright, Tua will be a steal at 6.

  13. Carolina Panthers: Isaiah Simmons, Defense Clemson

  14. This is the best case scenario arguably for the Panthers. Simmons is a physical freak all over the field and is the guy this rebuild has to be built around. I think they may be looking to trade down to get a lot of future assets, but with a future all-pro sitting in their laps they pull the trigger on the guy who plays multiple positions on defense to an elite level already.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Derrick Brown, DT Auburn

  16. The Cardinals need tackle help for sure, but they covet Brown and what he brings to the game as an absolute force on the inside that destroys any run game brought against him. He is somewhat of a average pass rusher but mainly because he has won with pure strength his whole live. He has made a living out of throwing NFL caliber guards and centers into the QB and makes it look easy.

  17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Javon Kinlaw, DT South Carolina

  18. The Jags will be looking to improve their team from many different positions here. But it’s most likely they trade back with Tampa, Denver, or Atlanta to get more capital to rebuild this team and especially defense after blowing it up this off season. Okudah, Simmons, and Brown are off the board so they take Kinlaw to be the new cornerstone DT of this defense. He is a raw prospect that needs to improve in run defense and technique, but he is already a great pass rusher and a force on the inside.

  19. Cleveland Browns: Tristian Wirfs, OT Iowa

  20. Man I hope the Browns stay here and pick a tackle. But if they get a good deal for Trent Williams, a trade back is ideal to recoup the picks traded and improve the team. Get a developmental tackle/ guard in the second or third and let it ride with Williams. But if they stay then this board gives them an option. I went Wirfs because he is a top level zone run blocker and I believe cam play left tackle. Worst case he is the new right guard and could still be an all pro there.

  21. New York Jets: Mekhi Becton, OT Louisville

  22. Receiver and Edge are a big need too, but getting the monster that is Becton is amazing for the Jets. He isn’t the most pro-ready but the Jets won’t really be contenders this year and just need to get players with high ceilings and coach them along. Becton is a monster of a human that is an explosive run blocker. His pass protection does lack technique and we haven’t seen enough of it yet, but if you groom him thru his rookie year then Becton could be the best lineman of this entire draft.

  23. Las Vegas Raiders: Jerry Jeudy, WR Alabama

  24. Jeudy is my WR1 and that’s why this is my pick. Jeudy’s elite speed and route running will be a perfect fit in this offense with a good running back, multiple solid tight ends, a speed outside receiver, and a sure handed slot guy already. Jeudy puts this offense into the next level and gives Carr his last chance to show he can be the guy to lead this team into the playoffs and maybe more.

  25. San Francisco 49ers: CeeDee Lamb, WR Oklahoma

  26. CeeDee is incredible, sure handed, star on the field. The only question on him is speed and getting separation off of press coverage that he never really had to face at Oklahoma. Kyle Shanahan will get the best out of him and he will perfectly replace Sanders to be a focal point of the receiving game.

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Andrew Thomas, OT Georgia

  28. Tampa lucks out and can solve the tackle problem with the tackle prospect in Thomas with the highest floor of the class. He will be a decade starter from day one and essential to keeping Brady alive and able to play for more than 1 year. They need to fix the defense still but adding in Gronk already is an embarrassment of riches in the receiving game as well.

  29. Denver Broncos: Henry Ruggs III, WR Alabama

  30. I believe the Broncos will trade up and get a receiver. This could be any of the 3 top guys but I love the fit with Ruggs in an offense with a big arm qb that is desperate for receiving options besides running backs, Sutton, and Fant. Ruggs has generational speed and is an elite route runner already and adds a dynamic this offense is starving for.

  31. Atlanta Falcons: C.J. Henderson, CB Florida

  32. All signs point to the Falcons trading up anywhere from 2-11 so who really knows. It seems like they are targeting Henderson as well and I think it is an incredible fit. He replaces Trufant in a defense that has been helpless and hurt for years now. Henderson has room to improve but has a huge ceiling and be a lock down corner for the Falcons. With 7 teams in each conference getting into the playoffs now, the middle of the road Falcons need impact players now to try and capitalize on the closing window to win with an aging Matt Ryan and Julio.

  33. Dallas Cowboys: K’Lavon Chaisson, Edge LSU

  34. Corner and edge are the biggest needs for the Cowboys and it doesn’t seem like the Cowboys value the next group of corners this highly. Chaisson is an impactful edge rusher already and has so much room to improve and grow. He is perfect complement to Lawrence and sures up a whole that is built around two guys on the inactive list with now news on their cases coming up ever. Even if they do get the green light to return, neither has played in years. Get a safe player that is young and makes your edge rushing the most dominant in the division.

  35. Miami Dolphins: Josh Jones, OT Houston

  36. The Dolphins offensive line is awful and now they need to build it up to protect Herbert and give him a chance to succeed. Jones is a bit of a project, but his ceiling in very high and he will produce at this level. I think his value is a little bit later but with teams before 26 possibly taking a tackle, you have to get the next best tackle on the board here.

  37. Las Vegas Raiders: A.J Terrell, CB Clemson

  38. There is a strong chance the Raiders trade this pick but sitting here Terrell completes the Clemson secondary in Vegas. Terrell is an excellent man coverage corner who excelled in press coverage with his strength, size, feet, and speed. He is effective din zone coverage and has shown great ball hawking skills his whole career. A willing tackler who still needs to improve his hit power though. Raiders need at corner is desperate and Terrell is yet another great building block.

  39. Jacksonville Jaguars: Xavier McKinney, S Alabama

  40. McKinney is a rangy do it all safety who explodes all over the field and makes plays from multiple schemes and positions on the field. The Jags need to build back up this defense to be able to compete and getting McKinney and Kinlaw is the building blocks they desperately need.

  41. Philadelphia Eagles: Justin Jefferson, WR LSU

  42. The Eagles seem like a trade up candidate so they get their choice of all the top receivers, however that is a hefty price to pay and with no trades, I have them sitting pat and getting the guy they may take even with a trade up. Jefferson is an elite route runner who smoothly moves all over the field and always gets open. He has fantastic hands and showed how fast he truly is at the combine. They still have Jeffries and Jackson on the roster, and Jefferson is a perfect complement to them and will be able to take over the duties of Alshon if need be.

  43. Minnesota Vikings: Jaylon Johnson, CB Utah

  44. Johnson fits the build of what the Vikings like in a corner back. He has a long, athletic frame that excels in man and press coverage. He has to improve in closing speed and angles in some zone schemes, but makes plays all over the field. After what seems like the entire Vikings secondary left in free agency so getting a solid corner to rebuild around is the best choice here. Get the guy you want most at corner here and fill another need with pick 25.

  45. New England Patriots: Cesar Ruiz, IOL Michigan

  46. Ruiz is an elite player on the interior and fits a need where the Patriots have a lot of questions. Thuney is on a tag and could be dealt, Andrews has major medical concerns and his return is still in doubt, and Shaq Mason hasn’t been great. So getting the best Interior offensive lineman of the class is a smart move for the future and allows them flexibility down the road. Ruiz

  47. New Orleans Saints: Patrick Queen, LB LSU

  48. Queen is an all around line backer that flies all over the field with ease. He is fluent in movement, speed, and coverage. He is a ferocious tackler that reads and closes the gaps in an instant. He is elite at everything and just needs to improve his functional power a bit for the next level. Saint need a stud linebacker bad especially with losing Klein in the off season and Queen is a big improvement to this defense.

  49. Minnesota Vikings: Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge Penn State

  50. There is a solid chance the Vikings go for a receiver to replace Diggs the best they can, but I think it is more likely they trade back to pick a receiver due to lack of true value at this spot. However if they do go WR here it will be most likely Reagor or Aiyuk. Gross-Matos fills the void left by Griffen in the off season and brings in a raw young stud to grow in this defense that has been stout in the past. Gross-Matos is effective at winning with first contact, great at using his length, with a high motor and a relentless pursuer for the play. Has a good amount of pass rush moves all ready and still has room to grow with knowing when is best to use them and reading plays.

  51. Miami Dolphins: Austin Jackson, OT USC

  52. The Dolphins lost out on Ruiz so now they take another tackle to help rebuild this travesty of a line. Jackson is definitely raw and needs to improve in a good amount of aspects. But, he is big, strong, and fast. He does a great job of riding the edge rushers and forming a wide pocket, has the lateral quickness to dominate in zone schemes, and has a quick and powerful punch to stop the defenders in their tracks.

  53. Seattle Seahawks: Ezra Cleveland, OT Boise State

  54. Seahawks sitting here have seen many top targets for them go already, so they snag a solid developmental tackle to help fix this line problem that the Seahawks constantly have. Cleveland is a stud athlete who shows elite mobility. Has great footwork and balance in blocks that make up for his lack of functional strength.

  55. Baltimore Ravens: Kenneth Murray, LB Oklahoma

  56. This is a dream scenario for the Ravens getting Murray to fall in their laps to fill a massive hole in the middle of their defense. Murray has every right to be called the best Linebacker in the draft He plays with range, physicality, and urgency to the ball. He is efficient in zone coverage but needs to work on his man coverage and and running himself out of plays by being overly aggressive. He will dominate the run game in a conference dedicated to running the ball so much.

  57. Tennessee Titans: Isaiah Wilson, OT Georgia

  58. The Titans could be going edge or corner here but given them a proper replacement for Conklin should be a priority. They win games by running through everyone with Henry and need to make sure there isn’t a hole on their line. Wilson is a stop tier right tackle and will be an impact starter on day one with plenty of room to grow. Wilson is a massive human that shows explosiveness that shouldn’t be aloud for someone his size. He wins with explosive power, insane range, and a punch that could knock anyone on their butt.

  59. Green Bay Packers: Denzel Mims, WR Baylor

  60. The Packers need a true WR2 desperately and at 30 they should be able to solve this one way or another. In this mock, they luck out and Mims falls in their laps to be a solid down field threat while also being able to get open all over the field. This allows the Packers to move him and Adams all around the field and give them a dimension they haven’t had on offense in years.

  61. San Francisco 49ers: Trevon Diggs, CB Alabama

  62. Diggs is an outstanding zone corner and fits the 49ers scheme [perfectly to pair along side Sherman. I do think they try to trade back here but having to stay at 31 getting Diggs is one of the best cases for them to sure up the other side of the field and improve a defense that was insane last year already.

  63. Kansas City Chiefs: Kristian Fulton, CB LSU

  64. This is yet another team that could trade back and allow a QB needy team to come up for the 5th year option. If they stay I think getting a corner, DT, or running back have to be priority. I personally believe in Fulton and think he will be a stand out in the league. But injury and speed concerns have force him down the board and fall right to the Champs to improve a much needed secondary.

Well that it for my last mock draft of the year and my entry into our shows contest. Please leave any feedback you want and I will try to answer you. The Cut will be streaming live on YouTube tonight for the draft as well so be sure to tune in!!!!!!!!

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