Super Bowl LV Predictions

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Well we did it. We made it to Super Bowl LV. In this crazy pandemic era of sports, we have made it to the ultimate game. The Chiefs and Buccaneers had to go through more trials and tribulations than any two teams before them. Tom Brady, just one year removed from New England, has the Buccaneers hosting a Super Bowl in their own stadium. I mean, you cannot write that script and get anyone to believe it. On the other side, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs find themselves looking to complete back-to-back Super Bowl wins for the first time in franchise history. It is truly a matchup with stars all around and one of the most exciting Super Bowls on paper of all time. Tampa Bay has the better defense, but Kansas City has shown they are capable on that side of the ball as well, led by safety Tyrann Mathieu. The winner of this game may just be the last team with the ball.

Super Bowl LV

When: Sunday, February 7th @ 6:30 PM ET on CBS

Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay, Florida

Matchup: Kansas City Chiefs (-3) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Over/Under: 56

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Brandon: After going 0-2 on conference championship weekend, I am stumbling a bit towards the finish line. Why do I pick against Brady in a conference championship game? Unless it's against the Broncos or Peyton Manning, Brady usually pulls out the victory. This time he faces Patrick Mahomes, a man who is just as capable of doing what Brady does to opposing defenses. This matchup is going to come down to the Buccaneers defense and their ability to control Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. The formidable duo has carried the Chiefs to success and have been the biggest factors in Mahomes' quick development.

Score: Buccaneers 32-30 (Over, Bucs +3)

MVP: Tom Brady

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Christian: I guest appeared on a podcast this week and discussed how much of a coin flip this game really is. Where the Chiefs excel, the Bucs have a counter. Where the Bucs excel, the Chiefs have a counter. So I'm throwing everything I know about these two teams out the window. It comes down to the quarterbacks. You have the greatest winner of all-time in Tom Brady vs. what will end up being the greatest winner of all-time in Patrick Mahomes. Both have had ups and downs throughout these playoffs, with Patrick Mahomes struggling at times in the first half against the Browns and Tom Brady struggling mightily in the second half against the Packers. I think this will be more of a defensive game than most project, and I think the quarterback that has the ball last will win. I think Patrick Mahomes will have the ball last.

Score: Chiefs 27-26 (Under, Bucs +3)

MVP: Travis Kelce

Sean: Well I've been wrong this far about Kansas City. It's still unbelievably hard to be repeat champions, but they've made it this far on the back of their MVP QB and their unbelievable offensive weapons. This one gets interesting now. It does feel like everything is going against KC though; the tragic accident that Reid's son was involved in, the haircut fiasco, losing Fisher to an Achilles injury; and oh yeah, the 6 time SB champion on the other side of the field. These two teams have underrated defenses but have outstanding QBs. Neither team necessarily relies on their running game, so this can be a case where both QBs are over 300 yards and it will come down to which team will have the ball last. I think that everything is pointing Tampa Bay's way, and that's not even including the fact that they're going to be in THEIR HOME STADIUM FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY. The Bucs figure out a way to slow down the Chiefs from scoring 40, and Tom Terrific is hoisting Lombardi Trophy number 7.

Score: Buccaneers 34-30 (Over, Bucs +3)

MVP: Tom Brady

Randy: I had a split week on championship weekend picking the Bucs and the Bills. Buccaneers, I just felt they would overcome over Rodgers and what I deem as him choking every year. As for the Bills, I believe I picked with my heart more than my brain. This game seems like a true 50/50 so I don't believe I am in that same situation this week. In a toss up, I am going to take experience with Brady to inch out a victory like only way he can and possibly walk off with 7 rings to his legacy. The Bucs are going to need to run effectively and pick up the blitz to win, which I believe they can. I also think the pure speed of the Bucs linebackers can catch up to Kelce and Mahomes on those short extended plays. The only question is how bad with Hill destroy the Bucs. But, as I said I think Brady has the ball last and gets them a field goal for the win.

Score: Buccaneers 31-28 (Over, Bucs +3)

MVP: Tom Brady

Adam: I hate Tom Brady! There really is not a scenario I would ever pick him. There is no coach in football I want to see win a Super Bowl other than Andy Reid. He is one of the greatest coaches of all time. Once again, I hate Tom Brady. I understand he is the greatest football player of all time, however I refuse to cheer for him. I have said all season, the Chiefs are Super Bowl favorites. I really do not believe we have seen their best football this season. Their biggest issue is Tom Brady lives for the Super Bowl, and he can never be counted out. The Chiefs are better on offense. The Chiefs are better on defense. The Chiefs are the better coached team. This is a very high scoring game and Kansas City gets some huge defensive stops late in the game and turns it into points to help win back to back Super Bowls!

Score: Kansas City 52-35 (Over, Kansas City -3)

MVP: Tyrann Mathieu

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