The Fantasy Stock Market (2021 Fantasy Football)

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Buying, selling, trending up, trending down, on the rise or on the fall. As fantasy managers we seem to follow this after it’s happened, instead of getting ahead of the crowd. Here we look at players to buy, hold or sell before the rise or the plummet. Don't let one bad game get you disliking the elite player. If the opportunity and/or skill is there the production will come. Try to find the players that fall into this and buy them before they perform. Also look at past, present and future schedules; not just the one- to two-week platform. Look for opportunity, whether it be snaps, targets, or just in a fast-paced offense, there are many different ways to attack this. Remember when making a trade offer recency bias is a thing to use this to your advantage!

In today's article, we are going to focus on one player: Odell Beckham Jr. How I see Odell in the Fantasy Football Stock Market is simple a BUY, but let's looks into why.

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Now in Year Two In the Kevin Stefanski offense, the Browns will continue to grow and now will have their elite, prized wide receiver to go with it. Before he was injured he saw 42 targets in 6 games an average of 7 per game. The Browns offense had a great game the week OBJ was injured, but the next three games were rough on offense. Once Week 12 came around, the Browns were able to move the ball and it seemed like they finally learned the new offense. Baker's pass attempts the first 6 games were 170 (28 per game) and in the last 6 games they were 221 (nearly 37 per game). His targets should not only rise, but so should the production. So the argument of "the Browns are better without Beckham " is simply lazy and mind boggling. He is still is an elite talent and now will hop right into the hot offense. It simply takes time to learn a new system, especially for a young QB like Baker Mayfield. Between COVID-19 and no preseason, they lost out on valuable learning time. I expect a major bounce back in the 2021 NFL season for Odell Beckham Jr.. This all points to OBJ being a screaming dynasty buy and a redraft auto pick, and why he's the first player in the Fantasy Football Stock Market series.


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