The Final Four

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The NFL's version of the Final Four is here. Buccanneers vs Packers and Bills vs Chiefs. Let's take a quick dive into the match-ups and some predictions.

TB vs GB - Brady vs Rodgers. It doesn't get any better than this. Two of the elder statesmen of the QB club are going head to head in the playoffs for the first time ever.

Tampa has put together a nice postseason run thus far winning two playoff games. However, TB had a tough time moving the ball especially in the first half against the Saints. The offense was quite stagnant at times and didn't find much rhythm till after halftime. Most of this can be contributed to the Bucs forcing Brees into hurried throws which led to his three INTs. Bucs were able to take advantage of the good field position off the turnovers and turn them into points. Brees' age and injures were definitely on display last week and the Bucs were able to capitalize.

The Bucs won't be so lucky this week. This is the first real test the Bucs will have since playing the Chiefs back in week 12. Sorry, Saints fans Brees and company weren't much of a threat last week. Aaron Rodgers is a man on a mission this season. The Packers are a balanced team on both sides of the ball. Mike Pettine has the defense playing at a high level right now and Jaire Alexander is having an outstanding season. Offensively the Packers lead a balanced attack behind a solid run game and of course the magician himself Aaron Rodgers.

Not to forget, the Bucs manhandled the Pack earlier this year. There is no doubt that the Packers players will be even more highly motivated to go out and win this game. I know most of the casual football fans will be wanting another SB with Tom Brady playing in it, however that won't be the case. I expect the Packers to win and convincingly.

Prediction: GB 30 TB 17

Buf vs KC - The Bills are the feel good story of the NFL thus far. Winning their first division title and playoff game since 1995. Now they are in the AFC title game for the first time since 1994. Josh Allen has had a great season and Diggs really made sure that first round pick they gave up to land him was well worth it.

However, I feel that even though the Bills have won two games in the playoffs they haven't played balanced football. Buffalo has just a total of 128 rushing yards after both playoff games. This isn't going to cut it against an aggressive KC defense at Arrowhead. The Bills will need to do more but the Chiefs will be able to counter and re-counter.

The Chiefs have been a well oiled machine all season. Patrick Mahomes has been cleared to play and will be ready to rock. The Bills have a very stingy defense which has been solid all season but the Chiefs just have too many weapons. Combine that with Andy Reid's aggressive play-calling and Mahomes' ability to execute the plays to perfection, this will be a game the Chiefs win handily.

Prediction: KC 28 Buf 14

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