Why High Expectations for Spencer Rattler Hurt His Chance At Success

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In the months leading up to the 2021 College Football season, we all had the idea in our head that Spencer Rattler was going to be the best QB in football. That idea was based solely on the program he is in as well as him being the highest-rated QB in the 2019 recruiting class. Were the expectations too high for a mediocre football player? Rattler was the overwhelming favorite to win the Heisman Trophy this year. Did Rattler ever stand a chance at winning the award with his crazy high expectations?

It is the end of week 4 and I am here to inform you that Spencer Rattler will not be winning the Heisman Trophy. It is so far from possible he probably will not be getting an invite to the ceremony. Oklahoma has had so much success at the QB positions since Lincoln Riley has taken over. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray won back-to-back Heisman Trophies. Jalen Hurts had an off-year for Oklahoma QB's and only got a runner-up finish. However, Rattler's level of play is making people forget Jalen Hurts denied the Sooners of a 3-peat for the Heisman Trophy. Rattler had so much hype this summer; what went wrong for Rattler? Is it the media or the Sooners that is at fault?

Were the expectations too high?

The expectations were too high for a mediocre QB. We have all seen the success that Lincoln Riley has had at the QB position. He has 2 Heisman Trophies and a runner-up finish in 5 seasons. Not many other coaches have ever had that before. Now he adds a new QB into the mix. The #1 QB recruit in 2019. I will admit I was like everyone else and said Rattler would continue the Oklahoma QB dynasty. The expectations for him were already high even before he stepped onto campus. With these collegiate expectations, the expectations that he will be the 1st overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft are well under way.

There is no way someone can grow from these expectations. The expectations were he was going to be the best. Anything less of the best is immediately not living up to the expectations. How is he able to develop with those high expectations. Every QB needs a chance to learn the game, develop their skills, and perfect their own game. Since he stepped onto campus with crazy high expectations, he was never given a chance to develop. No QB is able to succeed under those circumstances.

Is Spencer Rattler elite or average?

In 2020 rattler threw for 3,031 yards and had 28 TD's. Both were top 10 nationally. However, he was never considered in the top tier of QBs. Players like Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, and Justin Fields got all the attention. This year Rattler has looked totally average. He had 5 TDs against an FCS program, but shouldn't the QB1 do that if not more? Week 1 against Tulane he had more interceptions than TD passes. In his games against Nebraska and West Virginia, he has combined for 2 TDs and 1 interception.

These are not even average numbers. I would start to consider them below average. When you watch him play, he does not look good. Bad throws and bad decisions every game. He is an average college QB at best.

It is never good when the fans turn on you and you get booed out of your own stadium. I am sure he does not go to class, but imagine if he did. Must be an awkward lecture.

The answer to the original question is simple. The expectations were way too high. Rattler had no real chance at success. Before he walked on campus people were ready to group him as an all-time great and a Heisman Trophy winner. How can any player live up to those expectations? Every year around the NFL Draft, the media and the world declare that one player is a generational player. Have anyone them living up to expectations? What makes you think Spencer Rattler was going to?

If Spencer Rattler went to a different program, I feel he would have had more success. He is taking over the starting role at a school that only breeds elite QB talent. It was expected that he would continue the legacy. What if he went to a school like Florida, Penn State, or Georgia. These schools have had success at the QB position, but there are not as high expectations as Oklahoma. Even if he played at Alabama. He would sit behind Tua and Mac Jones for a few years and could truly develop and learn the system. Instead, he sat for one year, did not develop, did not learn the system, and is underperforming in the eyes of Oklahoma's expectations.

Ratter never stood a chance. He is not a good QB at school that does not tolerate good, they only tolerate elite. Since all the attention was on him, when he was not able to live up to the high expectations, he was immediately viewed as a bust. In reality, he was never going to succeed. He is not an elite QB and should never have gotten the hype. Maybe if he was at a different school with lower expectations he would be able to grow and develop into a great QB. However, he had no room to grow and develop for a program that expected him to start and

Rattler is not going to win the Heisman and probably will not be invited to the ceremony as a finalist. He should not be the first QB taken in the 2022 NFL Draft. Spencer Rattler was never going to succeed in Oklahoma. He is a mediocre QB playing for a program that does not tolerate mediocrity.


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Spencer Rattler is an average college QB. The expectations at Oklahoma were way too high for an average QB. He never stood a chance at succeeding. If he went to a different program and took time to develop he would have grown into the QB we all hoped he would be able to. In the end, he is an average QB getting the attention of an all-time great. Spencer Rattler never stood a chance at succeeding at Oklahoma.

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