Why trading for Watson is a big mistake for the Jets

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Deshaun Watson is a superstar stud QB. There is no debating that. He is only 25 years old and is just scratching the surface of his true potential. He can make any ready to win-now team get over the hump and contend for SuperBowl title.

However, one of those win-now teams is NOT the NY Jets. The Jets are not a team that is just a QB away from contending. They have massive holes everywhere that need to be filled. Contrary to what the media has been posting/talking about especially NYC the Jets can't just go out and giving up the whole world to land Watson. Those are immature and outlandish claims.

It appalls me how the local media/beat writers of the team are making these blind statements just for clicks and ratings. Just because the Jets have the draft capital and salary cap space to make the trade doesn't mean they should do it at any cost.

Let's take a look at a few things. Say the Jets land Watson in exchange for their four first round picks ( two 2021 and two 2022 ) where does that leave them? The Jets still need another solid Olinemen or two, WR, CBs (2), Edge Rusher, TE and Safety. So, basically you land Watson and he will have bare minimum talent around him to protect and produce. So he will become Sam Darnold 2.0 and running for his life. Just for arguments sake, one could say if Darnold had been on the Texans and playing with Hopkins, Fuller etc. that he could have similar numbers to what Watson has put up so far. I'm not saying Darnold is better than Watson, I'm saying the numbers could be comparable.

I know there are people out there that will say the draft is a crap-shoot ( usually is ) and that you can find first round talent in the fifth round or so. Which is true especially if you are good at scouting and uncovering talent. However, we do not what level of expertise Joe Douglas and his staff have as of now. They have done just one draft together and so far the returns seem to pretty decent with a chance to be even better going forward. For a team like the Jets they need ALL their draft picks and then some to continuing building. The Jets who finally have an actual capable front office will not sell their souls for the quick fix unlike the previous two GMs.

The last two GMs left this roster extremely thin and talent deprived. They spent money unwisely for the quick fix in hope of winning now. However, that backfired and the franchise has been paying for those mistake for the last eight years or so. Douglas is not going to give away draft picks just to appease the fan base in landing Watson. Joe Douglas is from the Ozzie Newsome school of building a team through the draft and then adding the finishing touches via trades and free agency once the team is ready to win. The Jets are not ready to win yet. They need to continue to build this team from the ground up and build it the right way which is through the draft.

Again, Deshaun Watson is a phenomenal talent and will only get better. I just can't see the Jets giving up a king's ransom to land him and I don't think they should either. Surely, will be a very interesting and intriguing off-season nonetheless.

Sukhwant Singh

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