WR/CB Matchups That Should Give You Pause in Week 2

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Shadow corners aren't prevalent in the NFL. At least not anymore. It's rare that you find a Jalen Ramsey-type of blanket corner in today's NFL. Plenty of corners are contained to just one side of the football field, and while that may look like shadow coverage when a receiver is primarily on that side, it's simply how the respective players normally align.

With all of that being said, there are still some WR/CB matchups to consider as you head into Week 2 of the fantasy football season. Here are a few that should give you pause when setting your lineup.

1. Michael Pittman/Parris Campbell/Zach Pascal (IND) vs. Jalen Ramsey (LAR)

Getting this one out of the way early may seem like a layup, but it's a subtle reminder that starting an Indianapolis Colts wideout this week is a risky and probably unrewarding call.

2. CeeDee Lamb (DAL) vs. Chris Harris Jr. (LAC)

Photo by Peter Joneleit/Associated Press

Gentle reminder that you should absolutely start CeeDee Lamb due to volume alone. But the matchup isn't ideal this week. Chris Harris Jr. saw 68% of his snaps from the slot, where CeeDee spent about 44% of the time, as well. Harris currently has the 8th-best coverage grade in the NFL and should give CeeDee some fits, provided that he does get the majority of his snaps from the slot. With Michael Gallup out, the way the Cowboys will deploy him is uncertain, but tempering expectations may be in the best interest of CeeDee fantasy managers.

3. Diontae Johnson (PIT) vs. Casey Hayward Jr. (LV)

Diontae Johnson spent 90% of the time on the outside in Week 1. Casey Hayward Jr. spent 97% of the time on the outside in Week 1. While the Steelers certainly have another outside threat in Chase Claypool, it wouldn't be shocking if Casey Hayward did shadow Diontae in the truest sense of the word. Hayward was outstanding in coverage against the Ravens on Monday night, and while Diontae's fantasy day was bailed out by an outstanding concentration catch in the back of the end zone, there's a real chance his disappointing Week 1 is repeated against the Raiders.

4. Stefon Diggs (BUF) vs. Xavien Howard (MIA)

Photo by James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

Xavien Howard didn't have a great Week 1, but that doesn't negate the level of corner he has proven to be. Howard is one of the better corners in the NFL, and while Stefon could see a mix of Xavien and Byron Jones, the most pause should come from the snaps lined up against Howard. In two games last year, Diggs got the best of the Miami secondary, combining for 15 catches, 229 yards, and a touchdown. But that simply indicates that Miami will have a more thorough game plan to slow him down. Start him, but it may be a good idea to expect WR2 numbers this week.

5. Mike Williams (LAC) vs. Trevon Diggs (DAL)

Walking out of Thursday Night Football, there was one main conclusion to make from the Dallas secondary: Trevon Diggs has significantly improved. He posted the 14th-best coverage grade in the league while virtually blanketing Mike Evans, one of the better wideouts in the NFL. His work against Evans is what should give you pause in starting Mike Williams. The Chargers have a high-volume pass attack, and Mike Williams will certainly garner targets, but if Diggs plays to even 80% of what he did in Week 1, starting Mike Williams could be a mistake.

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